Power Supply Module, AC/DC in, 5V out, Based on 7805 IC L7805CV

Power Supply Board Based on L7805CV IC Design, AC or DC Input, Output DC 5V / 1.5 Amp.
Thermal Overload Protection ( IC Function ).
Short Circuit Protection ( IC Function ).
Output Transition SOA Protection ( IC Function )
Thickness 1.6mm FR-4 Fiber Glass PCB.
HQ Terminal Blocks, Easy Connection Wire.
400V 2Amp Bridge Rectifier 2W04.
2 PCS RUBYCON 1000uF/35V 105℃ HQ Electrolytic Capacitors.
100nF/100V Metal Film Capacitor, Conducive to Filtering High-Frequency Noise.
Output Voltage LED Indicator.
35 x 35 x 12.5 mm Heat-sink.

The item include PCB and parts on PCB, Has passed electrical testing.

AC Input : 6V - 22V ( Transformer No-load Voltage must be less than 22V )
DC Input : 8V - 30V
Output Voltage : DC 5V
Maximum Current : 1.5 Amp ( If Drop-Out or Output Power Very High, Must Increase the Heat-sink  )
PCB Size : 50 x 50mm ( 2 x 2 inch )
PCB Thickness : 1.6mm ( 0.063 inch )
Maximum Height : 37mm ( 1.46 inch )

TEA2025B TLP521-4 SG3524N   NE556N   RTL8019AS NE555N        SAA7113H        PCF8563T  MT8870DS LM393DR
AD8052AR AD1885JST EPM7128AETC100-10 BAT54S ADC0809CCN

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